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To provide the best market conditions, through highly qualified personnel and applied technologies, efficient and effective integrated security services for private and companies.

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To be recognized as a growing company, consisting of a close, serious and reliable group of persons at the service of the clients, transforming their knowledge and experience .... 

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Our values

Client: to be considered as the centre of attention, always and without exception; Confidence: to gain with the professionalism, the respect and the personal.....

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Metro Security Express - Company

Metro Security Express (MSE) began to operate in Rome and surroundings in 1979 as a Limited Liability Company and has always represented a landmark for all Credit Institutions in Rome for its transport and safe valuables services, due to its armoured vault, recognized at the time, as the most modern, safe and functional of the 80’s.

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Today, after having abandoned the transport and safe valuables services, thanks to the strong corporate structure and its highly qualified staff MSE increased its reputation in the area of security, fiduciary services and the control of entertainment and show activities to such an extent that it numbers among its clients important public and private companies, as well as a large number of traders.

Due to the high and specific professionalism of its management, MSE has recently obtained an extension of its license to operate with its-own security guards on board of merchant vessels flying the Italian flag transiting in international waters at piracy risk employing qualified and professionally trained staff, that has served in the "special forces" of the Italian army and has been in command on mission abroad in hostile areas for long periods.


Thanks to the work done over the years with the utmost seriousness and professionalism, the Company received a great number of letters of commendation from both clients and Police Authorities. Furthermore thanks to the close attention paid to its duties, the Company has achieved the quality certifications released by the LLOID 'S REGISTER QUALITY ASSURANCE, in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNI 10891:2000, the last one is specific for the Security Companies.


These international awards are connected to the completion of a process aimed at obtaining the maximum customer satisfaction as a proof of the high quality standards required for the activity .


The Institute has a staff of approx. 40 armed security guards provided of fire arms licence and decree, these include non-commissioned officers and security guards, executing the security services, and approx. 15 unarmed security operational units assigned to the fiduciary services. In order to develop its activities in the most appropriate way the Company created an operational structure permitting a rational completion of the local services such as occasional or scheduled inspections and care of keys, offering at the same time the guarantee of a steady support to the fixed watching services.


The coordination of all activities is ensured by a Control Centre connected with the Operations Centre of the State Police and the Carabinieri operating 24 hours a day all year around and is constantly managed by operators skilled in computer media.


The Operating Room is responsible for all radio communications with the security guards on outdoor duty.




Certifications and Associations


Work With Us

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Anti-Piracy Maritime


The activity foresees the use of security guards, registered with specific authorization to perform this type of service

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Body Guard and V.I.P. assistance



These are specific services of prevention carried out by armed security guards, belonging to a selected "special unit".

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Control of entertainment and show business


The service is done by unarmed officers, registered in the list of the Prefecture , it includes a summary observation of the areas

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Criteria of Selection and Training

For the Security and fiduciary services Metro Express Security only employs professionally....

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Updating and Specialization

Adjournament courses of the staff are periodically added to the basic training....

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Anti-Piracy Training Courses

Given that for the purpose in the maritime antipiracy business, only qualified  .......

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