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Fixed Watching and Anti-Robbery


The fixed guarding and anti-robbery service is mainly addressed to public, commercial and industrial companies. It is executed by armed security guards in uniform, equipped with a portable radio and a bullet-proof vest, for the anti-robbery services.

The service is protecting and controlling sensitive targets with anti-theft purposes, entry controls both inside or outside the building. It can be fixed or dynamic, establishing therefore the surveillance of multiple targets at risk, and is available 24 hours a day all year around, scheduled as required by the client.

The security guards employed are adequately trained, prepared to operate by using safety and control systems adopted by the client. They can fulfill those functions as per D.Lgs.81/2008 - the health and safety work law - such as emergency firefighting, quick response in the event of failure of the lifts, first aid techniques, realization of evacuation plans of the building in case of alarm.





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