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Patrolling and Emergency Response


The patrol is carried out by armed security guards with a car with MSE logo connected by radio with the operations centre in order to perform the necessary checks for the prevention at a settled area or building. It is conceived for individuals, companies, organizations, and any other business having the need of constant checks. It consists of day/night inspections as specified in the intervention plan agreed with the Client .

In order to ensure to the Client the proper application of the service, the transits are documented by releasing notes or by punching the electronic control devices. While patrolling inside the production units, it is also possible to control the operation of the machinery for checking the maintenance ​​of the temperatures values, voltages etc. in order to guarantee the business continuity .

The service may also manage the keys that will be stored in special vaults at the Institute and will be ​​available upon request of the customer to meet specific needs.

Finally, the activity of emergency provides the intervention of a patrol after the reception of an alarm signal activated by a telephone or a radio transmitter, or by the customer himself. The security guard is always connected via radio with our Control Room, checks on place that there are not any anomalies and verifies the reasons why the alarm signal went on. If necessary, the operator will activate other patrols in the area and the public authorities responsible for emergency such as the State Police, the Carabinieri, the Fire Brigades, the Red Cross , etc., whose Operations Centers are permanently connected with our Radio Centre.

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