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Anti-Piracy Maritime



The activity foresees the use of security guards, registered with specific authorization to perform this type of service, embarked on merchant vessels flying the Italian flag in international waters at piracy risk, with the task of protection and security.

They are all qualified and professionally prepared, they served in the "special forces" of the Italian army and has been in command on mission abroad in hostile areas for long periods.

In order to guarantee the quality of this service, the operational responsibility of the protection team has been assigned to a professional manager of the company, with special training in the maritime security field, former officer of the Carabinieri paratroopers, with command experience in missions abroad who served in the Italian security and anti-terrorism teams for more than ten years.

This service includes the supply of specialized teams composed by 4 security guards that will be coordinated by a Team Leader, with experience of military command , which, starting from the boarding, will manage together with the Ship Commander all security precautionary activities including: preparation of means of passive defense, control of physical protection systems , description of the procedures in case of emergency etc.

The Team Leader has the tactical command of the team and has the total responsibility and supervision of it, he will therefore assign to each guard the tasks and positions to be taken during the different operational periods. In the event of a supposed or real threat, upcoming or ongoing, he will examine and give all the instructions for the security of the ship and the crew, in agreement with the Ship Commander, with which he will keep a close and continuous contact.

If necessary, after having requested and obtained the permission of the Ship Commander, he will open the armoured cabinets containing the weapons that will be distributed to the security team and will get ready for the action.


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