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Control of entertainment and show business



The service is done by unarmed officers, registered in the list of the Prefecture , it includes a summary observation of the areas in order to check the presence of any illegal substances or prohibited items, as well as any other material that could be improperly used jeopardizing people’s safety and health, with the obligation of immediate reporting to the police and other public authorities in charge.

The staff will step in to avoid any obstacle to the accessibility of the ways of escape and to ensure anyhow the smooth execution of the entertainment activities.

Outside the building, they will supervise the entrance by controlling the public flow, respecting the instructions of admittance;

Inside the building, the operators will ensure the observance of the rules of conduct and will watch closely in order to verify the presence of any illegal substance or prohibited item. They also contribute in the procedures of first aid intervention to prevent or interrupt any behaviour or situation that are potentially dangerous for the people’s safety and health.

In carrying out their activities , the control officers are not provided with any weapons, objects able to damage or any other instrument of physical duress.



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